General Terms & Conditions
‘Restaurant Wirin’s Catering’
Based in The Hague

In these general terms and conditions, the following terms are used in the following sense, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Restaurant Wirin’s Catering: the user of these general terms and conditions. Customer: the other party of Restaurant Wirin’s Catering

1. These terms and conditions apply to every offer, quotation and agreement between Restaurant Wirin’s Catering and a customer to which Restaurant Wirin’s Catering has declared these terms and conditions applicable, insofar as the parties have not deviated from these terms and conditions explicitly and in writing. 2 Any deviations from these general terms and conditions conditions are only valid if they have been explicitly agreed in writing.

1. The quotations made by Restaurant Wirin’s Catering are without obligation; they are valid for 14 days, unless stated otherwise. Restaurant Wirin’s Catering is only bound by the offers if the acceptance thereof is confirmed in writing by the other party within 14 days, unless stated otherwise.

2. Assignments to organize meetings in the broadest sense of the word (whether or not with full catering), if the price is dependent on the number of participants and this number is provisionally stated in the assignment, will only be accepted under the condition, that the correct number of participants has been communicated to Restaurant Wirin’s Catering by the other party at least 5 working days before the event takes place. Restaurant Wirin’s Catering is entitled to request written notification of this.

3. Prices for providing catering (whether or not complete) are calculated on the basis of the number of persons specified by the other party. The payment conditions set out in Article 5 apply to this. If no reservation is made for the number of participants in the assignment, additional consumption will be charged to the other party afterwards on a recalculation basis. If the other party does not comply with the obligation to state the number of participants, Restaurant Wirin’s Catering is entitled to calculate the price according to the provisionally specified number of participants.

4. Restaurant Wirin’s Catering is entitled to charge price increases that occur after the agreement has been concluded to the other party, based on the price index for household consumption, or any index that will replace it. Price increases based on the aforementioned index will only be charged to the other party with effect from 1 January of any year following the calendar year in which the relevant agreement was concluded.

5. In order to prevent food waste, Restaurant Wirin’s Catering asks the customer to bring tupperware when left over food.

6. Catering tasting can be done by appointment during shopping hours at retail prices.

1. If the customer is not present at the agreed time, additional costs incurred by Restaurant Wirin’s Catering will be passed on to the customer.

2. Major delays caused by the customer can result in the cancellation of (parts of) the agreements, without any right to a refund for the customer.

1. For a total amount of € 1000 or more, the customer pays 25% of the total price upon signing the agreement. The customer must have paid the total amount one week before the catering date. If the down payment is not made on time, Restaurant Wirin’s Catering has the right to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention and notice of default, without the customer being entitled to any compensation on that basis. All this with reservation of all rights of Restaurant Wirin’s Catering.

2. Any collection costs to be incurred are fully for the account of the customer Restaurant Wirin’s Catering | Usselincxstraat 162 | 2593 VP The Hague | T 070 220 45 29 | E [email protected] | | Restaurant Wirin’s Catering.

1. Catering is exclusively provided by Restaurant Wirin’s Catering itself, unless explicitly agreed otherwise between Restaurant Wirin’s Catering and customer.

2. Customer is obliged to pay catering costs, insofar as they are not included in the quotation, to Restaurant Wirin’s Catering within 14 days after the invoice date.

3. If the customer does not fulfill his payment obligation within 14 days, the customer is in default without notice and what the customer owes Restaurant Wirin’s catering will be increased by the statutory interest and extrajudicial collection costs. These extrajudicial collection costs amount to 15% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of € 115.

1. In case of cancellation after the final confirmation, the customer is at all times obliged to pay € 25 administration costs.

2. In case of cancellation from 2 to 1 weeks before the agreed delivery date, the customer is obliged to pay 50% of the total price.

3. In case of cancellation 7 to 2 days before the delivery date, the client is obliged to pay 75% of the total price.4. In case of cancellation within 48 hours prior to the delivery date, the client is obliged to pay 100% of the total price.5. Cancellation can only be done in writing. or by e-mail, preferably preceded by telephone notification of the cancellation as soon as possible. 6. The customer has been informed about taking out event insurance, if the event is canceled due to circumstances. The costs incurred must be recovered by the customer from the insurer, and not from Restaurant Wirin’s Catering.

1. Restaurant Wirin’s Catering is entitled to cancel the agreement due to force majeure. Force majeure will be any foreseen or unforeseen, foreseeable or unforeseeable circumstances that make the execution of the agreement by Restaurant Wirin’s Catering difficult to such an extent that the execution becomes reasonably impossible or difficult. Such circumstances also include such circumstances at persons and / or services and / or institutions that Restaurant Wirin’s Catering wishes to use in the execution of the agreement, as well as everything that applies to the aforementioned as force majeure or a suspensive or resolutive condition. If possible, Restaurant Wirin’s Catering offers the other party (a) replacement options under the same conditions at the agreed time or in a different period.

2. In the case referred to in paragraph 1, the other party has the right to refuse the alternative offered by Restaurant Wirin’s Catering. A refusal must be made known to Restaurant Wirin’s Catering in writing no later than 1 week after the offer, failing which the offer has been accepted.

1. If the number of participants is reduced by more than 10%, the cancellation provisions of article 7 of these terms and conditions apply.

2. A reasonable price will be charged for additional participants who have not been registered 48 hours prior to delivery.

1. Customer Is liable for damage caused by customers, guests and employees to property of Restaurant Wirin’s Catering, employees or third parties.

1. Any complaints about the services provided, including catering, must be reported immediately on the evening itself.

2. Restaurant Wirin’s Catering can never be held liable for an amount higher than the total amount agreed.

1. These terms and conditions and all agreements concluded under these terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.